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Expanding your writing portfolio: Resources for submitting to E-zine and online periodicals

As I creep ever closer to finishing my first novel, I have a concern lurking on the periphery of my writer’s brain: my resume.  I’ve read in a number of places that as I try to get my foot in … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing Resources

Like most aspiring authors, I’m enamored with the idea of getting my cherished first novel picked up by a major publisher and seeing it on the shelves of Barnes and Nobel (I’d have said Borders too, but…you know).  But the … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Weathered Journal, my new author page.

Why a new site? Some of you may be familiar with my first blog, Sojourner Mountain.  Since launching it in the fall of 2010, I’ve allowed Sojourner Mountain to evolve quite a bit.  In all honesty, I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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