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Stop That Bandwagon! I Want to Get On! Obligatory eReader Article

I’ll start this in the defensive manner of many fellow readers who have come to terms with this and are now discussing it with other purists who may not have: I love my books.  I love my personal library.  I … Continue reading

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How Tolkien Thwarted my Novel for Decades (Finding Your Voice, Part 1)

This is – probably- a two part series on overcoming some of the most significant internal obstacles that new writers face as they struggle to complete (or maybe even start) that first novel.  I’m sure this will sound familiar to … Continue reading

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How well, do you edit you’re wurk? Are you sure?

Last Sunday I decided that I needed to toss my trepidation aside and participate in #SampleSunday.  I wasn’t ready to throw my novel WIP into the ring just yet, so I thought I’d share a short story I wrote last … Continue reading

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Get Inspired! Win a Writer’s Inspiration Kit and Motivate Others at the Same Time

A brand new notebook.  A good, quality pen.  Maybe an excellent cup of coffee or tea.  Writers often have that one thing that is somehow associated with creativity (and subsequently, with productivity). Here’s your chance to win what I call … Continue reading

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Burning the Midnight Oil…

If I was a gambling man, I’d be willing to wager significant money that many if not most aspiring or newly minted authors are in the same boat I’m in: I work a full time job that I wish required … Continue reading

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Adding Some Science to the Fiction

Two years ago I tried writing a science fiction story called War of the Seven. I still may go back and try to finish it, but I let the story languish after about two pages.  The reason?  There’s a moon … Continue reading

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