Writer’s Inspiration Contest Winners!

The Fisher Price 2000 Mega Computer

Well, as you can see from above, my highly advanced computer algorithms have been hard at work, and I’m excited to say that we have a winner for the Writer’s Inspiration Contest.

Without any more delay, our winners are:

1st prize: @pavarti (Complete Writer’s Inspiration Kit)
2d prize: aerialynnette.tumblr.com (Sojourner Mountain coffee cup, Visual Writing Prompt Book)
3d prize: @byoung210 (Sojourner Mountain coffee cup)

This was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about the creativity and writing passion of a lot of other writers.  That leads me to the next part of this process, the reason I had this contest to begin with (aside from the fun).  Starting next week, I’m going to be highlighting the authors who entered the contest (I’m thinking this would be appropriate on Writer Wednesday).  So when you see it, please take a look, and visit their websites and/or follow them on Twitter.

I really enjoyed this, so we’re sure to do another contest some time in the not too distant future. Thanks to all who played, and all who helped to promote the contest!

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3 Responses to Writer’s Inspiration Contest Winners!

  1. Pavarti says:

    Oh Yeah! I never win anything! What fun 🙂
    Thanks WE, looking forward to meeting everyone who entered.

  2. B.C. Young says:

    Cool! I can never have too many coffee cups or coffee. I look forward to learning about the authors who entered the contest. Should be fun! Thanks again!

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