Updates from the two front war: query letters and writing using Scrivener for Windows Beta software

First, the query letters for CHASING AFTER VANITY.  I still have several floating around out there that, in theory, could generate a response. I’ve sent out a total of 11 so far.  Of those, eight have either politely declined, or have passed the time limit where I could have expected to hear back if the agent were interested.  So I’m currently compiling another list, and will be sending those out shortly.

A tip I read on a blog a few weeks ago is that if I don’t receive at least one request for a manuscript review for every 20 queries sent out I should rewrite my query letter.  The logic is as simple as it is blunt: even a lousy story should be able to sound good on a one page summary, so my query letter should be able to make my novel interesting to some one.  So I’ll be looking to revise my letter if I don’t get some kind of positive response soon.

Anyone else have any query letter experiences to share?

SHADOWS AND BONES, and Scrivener for Windows Beta

As so often happens, Life recently tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to accommodate it.  In a nutshell, my family is going to be moving soon to Ohio (part of the life of a military family).  So my wife and I have been pouring over websites trying to figure out where we are going to live.  As you can imagine, that takes a lot of time, and so I found myself separated from my writing for nearly a week.

As I had hoped, the writing tools provided by Scrivener for Windows made the task of resuming my writing a blissfully painless task.  I was able to quickly reorient myself to where I was, and more importantly, where I was headed to prior to my break.  The reason is that Scrivener’s layout has not only allowed me to constantly tweak my file structure as I write, but also to do so with everything in front of me at the same time (but without overwhelming me).  Take a look at the file picture.  It shows a part of the rough map I’ve drawn up that serves as home to SHADOWS AND BONES.   As I was writing a scene yesterday, I thought “Didn’t I already have a name picked out for this river?” I quickly scanned my resources, and within seconds had my answer.  This may seem like a simple issue, but I’ve found that, especially in the early stages of constructing a fantasy world, one of the most difficult exercises is keeping track of the names and geographic locations I’ve invented.  In keeping track of this Scrivener has been invaluable.

I did run into a bug a couple of weeks ago.  I tried to compile my work into a manuscript format, just to see how it looked.  Well, it looked horrible.  I was excited that I’d get to send in the bug, since I’ve been using the Beta for several weeks.  But then I noticed a newer version of the Beta was available.  I downloaded, and sure enough the problem was fixed.

Unfortunately the anticipated release of the software, which was originally hoped to be this month, appears to have been pushed off.  The web site for the people who are developing it (Literature and Latte) now indicates it will be sometime later this year.  Despite this, I’ll be waiting to put down my $35-40 to buy.  It’s more than proven to me to be a tool worth investing in.

That’t it for now.  I hope to share some of the SHADOWS AND BONES story soon.

Happy writing.



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3 Responses to Updates from the two front war: query letters and writing using Scrivener for Windows Beta software

  1. yikici says:

    Scrivener is a great software and I can’t wait for it’s official release. Good luck with your query letters -I hope you receive a response soon.

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