Looking for aspiring, new, and established #writers to feature on Sojourner Mountain

One of the features here at Sojourner Mountain that I really enjoy is the Author Snapshot.  It’s a brief highlight of new writers (published or not yet published) and what she or he is currently working on. So Sojourner Mountain gets fresh content, and I get to meet some awesome writers.  You get some additional exposure, plus you get to meet other writers in your same genre.  Everybody wins!

You can see previously featured Snapshots here.

If you’re interested, please drop by Sojourner Mountain. On the left hand side are both “Ask” and “Submit Comments” buttons.  Click on either, and leave me the following information:

Twitter handle:
Blog site (if different):
Any other site you’d like to highlight (like Facebook):
WIP Title:
WIP Genre:
WIP Description (1-2 paragraphs):
How long you’ve worked on your WIP, and when you expect to finish:

NEW: If you’d like to include an image as well (like a draft book cover, or your author picture) you can submit it as well. You’ll need to do this through the “Submit Comments” button, and insert the picture.

Note, if you’ve already been featured in an Author Snapshot, I’d love to feature you again – especially if you’ve made progress toward completing your WIP.  Highlighting the successes of new writers is a central theme of Sojourner Mountain!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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