The Author Snapshot – Supporting the Aspiring #Writer

Pretty fancy logo, eh?

I’m in the middle of setting up a new life in a different state (just moved from Alabama to Ohio), so my writing time has taken a hit over the past couple of weeks.  And as my wife and I hunt down a new home and do all the things people need to do when they move, my time will continue to be a bit limited.  But I thought I’d take a minute to pitch the Author Snapshot that my creative writing blog, Sojourner Mountain, features every Writer Wednesday.

The purpose of the Snapshot is twofold: first, it gives Sojourner Mountain a feature that few other blogs pay much attention to, namely the work in progress of aspiring or relatively newly published authors. Secondly, it gives some publicity to those writers, which either helps motivate the authors who have significant work left on their WIPS, or it can help advertise a soon to released, or just recently released, work.  So, it’s free advertising. (Okay, there’s a third thing too…fresh content for Sojourner Mountain).

I’m writing this to ask that if you see the Author Snapshot among the hundreds of tweets that flash by your screen every hour of every day, please take a second to repost it.  If you’ve got a minute or two, check out the Snapshot and follow that writer.  It will not only encourage that writer to finish their WIP, but you’ll be pulling them (particularly the really new writers) into the fantastically supportive writers community that exists on Twitter.

As always, if you’d like to be featured in an Author Snapshot, please send me a message on the Sojourner Mountain page.  I’d love to feature you.


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