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Lightening strikes and hoards: the critical role of beta readers

I want to start this by insisting that, although I am a novice author, I am not a novice writer. During the decades in which I pined to be a published author of fiction I had no choice, as an … Continue reading

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For #samplesunday, here’s the cover for my upcoming #fantasy novella THE PRINCE OF GRAVES

And here it is. This story is almost ready to go, and I tell you that seeing the cover finished is so very cool. It’s really going to happen. Please let me know what you think!

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The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good: Why I decided to self publish my debut work THE PRINCE OF GRAVES

I wrote an article about a year ago about my strategy for becoming a published writer. A year later, as I’ve learned about the writing industry, I have to say that I’m still committed to that same strategy. My first … Continue reading

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The Quiet Before the Release

The Quiet Before the Release Things have been very quiet on both this blog and my creative writing blog (Sojourner Mountain) for about two or three weeks now. The reason is pretty simple: I’ve been head down writing and revising … Continue reading

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