Irons in the fire: is there such a thing as too much #writing?

This is an update on my writing. At the current count, I’ve got one novel complete, one novella mostly complete, one novel as my active work in progress, and one anthology that is just getting started. Here’s the detailed run down:

CHASING AFTER VANITY, my first novel, has been officially submitted to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. I really enjoy this novel, and I’m determined to see it published. If it doesn’t make it very far with Amazon, I’ll be revising and resubmitting to agents later this year.

THE PRINCE OF GRAVES. The prelude to my fantasy novel (next on the list). This fantasy novella is largely complete. I still have some reader comments coming in, and I’m tweaking here and there. But I’ve decided to delay self publishing it until it gets the once over by a copy editor. My readers and I have come across too many previously undetected problems, and so I’m making the investment to help make sure the novella is as tight as can be.

SHADOWS AND BONES. This is actually the first novel in a series called THE DESOLATION WAR SAGA. I’m not sure how long it’s going to be, but I think I’m roughly 10% into the first draft. I’m going to target this summer for the release.

THE DAUGHTERS OF ENDOR is the tentative name for a short story anthology that I’m working on. I’ve got two stories already prepared. I’m working on two more, and have the idea for another. I’d love to finish this and publish by the end of the year, but we’ll have to see if real life lets me.

The above are the planned projects for the year. I’m also considering writing some stories for submission to various publications and contests. That’s what I’ll be doing in my spare time, if any crops up.

That seems like a lot, especially when you throw in the day job and time with the family. How many projects are you working on? And is it a manageable number?



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