The unpredictable power of #social media – a surprising success story for #writers

I want to say that the intent of my sharing this article is not to stoke the gold-rush mentality that often seems to tease us writers who use social media to promote our work. Success for the majority of us will most likely come through consistent, responsible use of the wide swath of tools available to us. Most of us will not become overnight sensations.

An indie author promoting his book on Twitter

But there’s no question that stories like that of James Erwin (article linked below) do inspire us tremendously. Read it and enjoy, but I think the lesson of James’ story is this: find your audience, and give them something they want to read. The exact way he succeeded might not be easily replicated, but the fact is he was writing something that he apparently enjoyed, and posted it out where an audience would notice. As you’ll see, it paid off.

Congrats Mr.Erwin!.

Social Network Turns Technical Writer into Hollywood Author

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