Something different for #Samplesunday: The Dirge of the Sons of Valeot #fantasy

For today’s Sample Sunday, I decided to be brave. I’m sharing the very rough draft of part of the Saga I’m including with my current WIP Shadows and Bones. This saga will actually be revealed throughout the course of The Desolation War series.

This first piece commemorates the Battle of Glorion chronicled in The Prince of Graves. I’ll be the first to say that it needs work. My experience with poetry ended in the 12th Grade, and now some 20-plus years later there is a bit of rust to clear out. The timing is a little clunky, and I’m sure I’m violating all sorts of rules with the rhyme. I’ll work through those. In the mean time, I’d love the feedback! Even if that feedback is “have you thought about not doing poetry?” I’m all ears. And if what you see below interests you at all, you can read the events depicted in The Prince of Graves, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords (links to the right).

W.E. Linde

The Saga of the Battle of Glorion

Called by the common people “The Dirge of the Sons of Valeot”

Breathless bodies heard beneath
The call of the king of hellish sleep
Armies of Death then took up arms
To seize men’s souls to forever keep

The call to war tore the sky
Grim and sober, we stood to die
Sun and moon enslaved on high
With Death herself we fought and vied

A veil of ash upon the wind
A road of bone that did descend
To hurl nightmares without an end
‘Gainst Hell herself we did defend

O! The lightening fell like fiery rain
And rent and sundered the battle plain
As phantom armies swelled with rage
And massed beneath their master’s chain

The Sons of August would not yield;
Their might and valor for us a shield
‘Gainst the sword of Hell the foe did wield
As living death consumed the field

The hope of men gasped and fell
The lights of Valeot cast to Hell
When the Prince of Death did cast his spells
None could stand before the swell

To be continued…

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