Introducing The Prince of Graves #fantasy novella, paperback edition

That’s right! The Prince of Graves novella is now available through Amazon!

Paperback edition

There are a couple of minor differences with the eBook version. First, I had to make a modification to the cover. The art for the eBook cover, which I absolutely love, wasn’t high enough resolution for a full cover image like I wanted. The image was fine, but the text was pixilated. I couldn’t live with that, so I decided to tweak an existing cover template offered by CreateSpace. Now, I think it turned out pretty well, but my wife hates it. I assured her that once I can get the higher resolution image, I’ll create a new edition.

The second difference is that I figured out how to include the map of Maladine in as I formatted the paperback. I love the fact that my map is now front and center for the reader.

Finally, I end the book with a personal thank you and short biography. It’s not that I’m not grateful for the eBook buyers. I included this after becoming more experienced with formatting. So in the near future I hope to add these elements to the eBook too.

If you purchase the paperback, please let me know what you think!

Thank you, and happy reading!

W.E. Linde

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5 Responses to Introducing The Prince of Graves #fantasy novella, paperback edition

  1. Ross Gale says:

    Congrats. The novella looks awesome. Thanks for the follow.

  2. katkasia says:

    Wow! Must be great feeling holding a real copy in your hands. I do prefer the ebook cover, but the papaerback version is fine too. Congratulations!

    • W.E. Linde says:

      It is pretty cool. I like having my novella in multiple formats now, so that readers who prefer either can have it the way they want it. I like both, but yeah, the physical copy is great the hold. Thanks for the congrats!

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