The #Fantasy Geography Quiz, part 2!

After a week intermission, the second part of the Fantasy Geography Quiz is out! Thank

East Maladine at the time of The Prince of Graves

you all who have played so far! And if you missed the first one, here’s the link:

Fantasy Geography Quiz part 1.

The rules are the same: All you have to do to play is answer the questions below, and “like” or comment on this post. If you don’t hit the “like” or comment I have no way of tying your answers to you. Actually, I encourage you to comment AND like, because this should be a fun dynamic. You can use any and all resources (including Google and Wikipedia). I would like to know if you happen to know the answers to these, or if you had to do some research. Full disclosure: I had to do a little research.

The prizes: two players will win their choice of an eBook or paperback version of The Prince of Graves novella. One winner will win the same, plus a Sojourner Mountain coffee

So, let’s get to the quiz!

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