Meet amazingly gifted #photographer Frank Schillinger @grindmaster #ebook #writing

I’d like to introduce you all to Frank Schillinger, an extremely talented photographer who hails from Germany that I met through blogging. Frank has a breathtaking portfolio, and is looking to expand his presence into the world of book/eBook covers and design. He’s actually done some cover work for bands in the past! I’ll give a few example of his work here, but you’ll definitely want to check out his website Frank Schillinger Photography.

Owned and copyright by Frank Schillinger

Over the past year and a half or so of interacting with people through the world of social media, I’ve had the great fortune in meeting a lot of talented artists. The vast majority of these, as you’d expect, are writers. I can’t tell you how lucky and honored I am to have met so many outstanding authors.

Owned and copyright by Frank Schillinger

However, when I created my first blog, Sojourner Mountain, I had a heavy photography emphasis. The idea was to use interesting photos to inspire writing. I began following a lot of photography tumblrs, and that’s how I came across Frank. Not only did he produce simply amazing photography, he turned out to be a friendly, encouraging guy. When I self-published my first book, The Prince of Graves, he was among the first to congratulate me.

Recently, as I was perusing some of Frank’s work, I thought “I need to see if I can purchase some of this work for eBook cover art.” See, I’m working on a compilation of horror/fantasy/maybe scifi short stories, and some of his photos are perfect for the cover I’m imagining. So I was thrilled to get a message from Frank a couple of weeks ago that said he was, in fact, looking to expand into this area.

No matter the genre you write, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking out Frank’s website and gallery. He understands the challenges that artists face, so if you have questions about collaboration or buying some of his work, drop him a note. You can follow him on Google+ and Twitter @grindmaster.

You can see all of Frank’s work at .

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