From Horror, back to Fantasy …Writing Updates

I’m happy to report that my recent work in progress, the horror short story In Vampire

East Maladine at the time of The Prince of Graves

Ligno, has been completed, and has survived my first round of edits. I’ve now handed the roughly 15,500 word story over to my first beta reader, my wife. If she gives me the thumbs up, then I’ll look for other beta readers for inputs. I think I’m going to try my hand at submitting In Vampire Ligno to some online magazines, or possibly to a horror anthology, although right now I don’t have any publications singled out. If I don’t have any bites (HA!) by mid-October, I’ll self publish the story in time for Halloween.

With this story finished, I can now finally focus everything on Shadows and Bones. I originally had targeted the release for Fall of this year. Well, Fall is less than a week away, and I know that’s not going to happen. Now that I can give my full attention to book one of The Desolation War Saga, I’m going to move the expected release to early 2013. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from the release of The Prince of Graves, so I want to do this right.

Other updates: I’ve sent Chasing After Vanity to a new reader to get inputs. Once I get these back, I’ll be revising my query letter, and then sending it back into the slush pile.

My short story Necroblogicon, has been started, but I’m looking for a long weekend to finish it. It’s not a long story, but I think it’s clever. I think I can finish it in between writing sessions for Shadows and Bones.

There’s a lot going on, so I think it’s time to get back into writing. Thank you all for your support. Your comments and feedback on my writing have been immensely encouraging.



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