Delving into the mists of time – in fantasy, and in reality

How important is history to a fantasy world?

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the blogging world over the past two months. Of course you did. You’ve just forgotten.

Over the autumn months, I was quite prolific. I have five short stories that I really enjoyed writing. Some of these I’m sending out to various markets to try my hand at getting them published. But I think I’m going to self publish a couple as well. One, a piece of flash fiction, will be out on this site in the near future. Another, a fantasy short titled The Sins of Acheryn, I plan on publishing as soon as I get the time to format and to design a decent cover. That leaves a horror story (a novelette), and two science fiction short stories that I’ll float out there in the magazine world.

After I completed the last of these short stories, it occurred to me that I needed to return to a commitment I made to myself years ago in college. I decided back then that, at a minimum, I would complete graduate school. Well, for some reason, I’ve decided to get off my lazy behind and start work on my master’s degree. I’ve also decided to veer a bit from my bachelor’s degree, which was in Political Science, and to instead indulge my passion for history. Military history, in fact.

Why military history, you may ask? Well, it may have the promise of great wealth (historians are paid a lot, right?), or possibly the massive sex appeal associated with the field of history. But I must admit, I’m harboring thoughts of writing some nonfiction some time in the not too distant future.

So that means I’ll have a lot less time for writing and reading for me. I still intend to work on The Desolation War, and to write the occasional short story and regular blog posts. I’m still a fantasy writer at heart, after all. But if I vanish off the grid again in the near future, you’ll know why.

Thanks to all for your continued support!


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