Phase Two of My World Domination Plans: Free stuff

The Sins of Acheryn

The Sins of Acheryn

Okay. Perhaps world domination is a bit of a stretch.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago,  I’ve recently published a new short story to Amazon: The Sins of Acheryn is a fantasy tale set in the distant past of the world in which The Prince of Graves takes place. With this publication, I’m conducting a test of Amazon’s KDP Select Program.

My KDP Select experiment is now entering Phase Two. Phase One was simply to publish The Sins of Acheryn exclusively through Amazon so that I could enroll in KDP Select. Phase Two is exercising that tool that seems to offer so much promise, yet so often disappoints the Indie Author: the promotional free days.

For those of you now familiar with this, here’s the skinny: by enrolling your book (or short story, as in my case) in KDP Select, you are allowed to offer your work for free during 5 free days. This offer is only available to Amazon Prime members. These days can be used all together, or broken up, any time during the 90 day commitment you’ve given to Amazon (the time you can’t sell your work through another publisher).

I’ve decided to be cautious. I’m breaking my free days up into two chunks: the first for two days, to get a feel for it. Then, after I learn how it really works, I’ll use the other three somewhere down the road. So, my first two free days are scheduled for 18-19 Feb.

Once I see how successful (or unsuccessful) my free days are, I’ll figure out my next steps, and let you know what I learn.

Oh, and if you’re on Amazon Prime, please take a look at The Sins of Acheryn during this time!

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