It’s Here! The Sins of Acheryn fantasy short story is free through Wed on Amazon!

The Sins of Acheryn tells the tale of the cataclysmic fall of a vanished empire. As the legendary Kings of Acheryn moved to consume the nations of the ancient world, her pride and violence rose to the thrones of heaven. At the pinnacle of her power, three judgments would punish the greatest empire of a world now lost to myth and time.

The Sins of Acheryn

The Sins of Acheryn

It’s here! Today officially kicks off the first of my KDP Select free days for The Sins of Acheryn. I had originally planned this to be a two day event, but thanks to a mistake on my part, it is now a three day even… 18 Feb -20 Feb. So, if you haven’t yet read Acheryn, now is the time to check it out! And if you do read it, I would greatly appreciate a review or rating… good or bad. Believe it or not, a well written “I didn’t like it” does have tremendous value to indie authors.

Incidentally, like a good, social media conscious writer, I’ve been updating the various portals with this announcement. What that means is that Twitter, which my Facebook, blog, and G+ accounts all feed into, gets hit the hardest with repetition. So for those of you who follow me through Twitter only, I apologize for the concentrated repetitions of this.

Thank you all for your continuing support!


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