The Sins of Acheryn fantasy short story is free through Amazon today and tomorrow

The Sins of Acheryn is now available through Amazon for free today and tomorrow. These

The Sins of Acheryn

The Sins of Acheryn

are the last two days of my run through KDP Select, so if you like dark fantasy, check out this short story. Here’s the summary:

The Sins of Acheryn tells the tale of the cataclysmic fall of a vanished empire. As the legendary Kings of Acheryn moved to consume the nations of the ancient world, her pride and violence rose to the thrones of heaven. At the pinnacle of her power, three judgments would punish the greatest empire of a world now lost to myth and time. (Short Story. Approximately 4200 words).

Thank you everyone for your interest and support! And if you liked the story (or even if you hated it), I would greatly appreciate to hear about it, either here or via a review.


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