Chasing After Vanity

Chasing After Vanity is my first completed novel and is in what I hope is the final editing stages.  I’ll be posting excerpts in the near future.  Until then, here’s the teaser:

Amidst the chaos and pressures of life, it’s easy for dreams, aspirations, and ideals to fall to the wayside.  Nothing is easy, and despite sacrificing your youth, health, and your precious time  on this Earth, at the end of the day the only victory you can claim is if you haven’t fallen further behind. Abandon the notion of happiness and you can endure for a while, maybe long enough to retire into mediocrity. One thing is certain: this is no way to live.

Then out of nowhere there’s a way out.  Fickle Lady Luck gives a nod, and before you know it, millions of dollars are yours.  It’s the ticket out of the garbage in which you’ve lived your life.  It’s the miracle that will resurrect dreams, that will give you the shot at happiness left for dead so long ago. This is your time.

There’s only one problem.  Even before you knew that you had it, it’s gone. Stolen. All that’s left is the knowledge that you almost had it all.  The only thing that separated you and unimaginable wealth was one thief. And you know who she is.

How far would you go to get that money back?

Chasing After Vanity

Prologue – A Peek Two Weeks into the Future

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