The Desolation War Saga

The Desolation War Saga covers the events that unfold in the world of Maladine after the sixth war between the kingdom of Valeot, the last of the Remnant Kingdoms, and the Necromancer Kings. The saga will be composed of one novella, plus three full length novels.

The Prince of Graves novella (available now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble), prelude to the Desolation War Saga, chronicles the events of the climatic battles between the Dagir Xethu and the princes of Valeot.

The Prince of Graves, prelude to The Desolation War Saga

It has been a millennium of war. Since the collapse of the majestic realm of Maladine one thousand years ago, the wicked Necromancer Kings have sought to destroy the Remnant Kingdoms and enslave their descendants. One by one, the nations that emerged following the sundering of Maladine fell under the shadow of the Lords of the Dead, until only Valeot the Great remained.

Four princes now lead their armies against the climactic invasion of the Dagir Xethu, the armies of the Necromancer Kingdoms. As steel and magic falters in the face of the armies of death, whispers rise that now is the time of the Prince of Graves and the end of the days of mortal kingdoms.

SHADOWS AND BONES will be my first full length heroic fantasy novel. The story picks up just before the end of the events detailed in The Prince of Graves. I started working on it in the summer of 2011. My target release right now is August or September 2012.

In the aftermath of a devastating war with the Necromancer Kingdoms, the once-solider Khelik is forced to battle for his soul as a pawn in a forbidden sport played between magi.  After impossibly surviving the ravages of the Shadows and Bones, Khelik searches for a way to rid himself of the warrior demon that now lays claim to him.  The absolution he finds, however, will threaten the entire realm.

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