Check out my apocalyptic horror short story The Perishing Land #writing

The Perishing Land, a horror short story

I wrote this short story, sort of apocalyptic horror tale, over a year ago, and I was so proud of it that I tried to submit it to a number of magazines. None of them panned out, so I mothballed it for while as I continued writing Chasing After Vanity, Shadows and Bones, and The Prince of Graves.

Now, after getting some experience under my belt with self-publishing, I’ve decided to release The Perishing Land through Smashwords for free. I’m hoping to broaden awareness of my work by doing this, so I’m excited that I might be able to attract some new readers. This will probably migrate to Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well, but I don’t think I can make them free there.

So please follow the link and take a free look at some of my earliest writing. Let me know what you think!

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