Ancient warfare inspiration

England2I thought I’d break my school-induced silence by sharing part of an amazing poem I read as part of my current military history class. The poem, translated from Old English, is called The Battle of Maldon. The poem (with, of course, a healthy amount of artistic license), tells of a 10th century battle between Viking invaders and the Anglo-Saxons near Essex. The poem is both grim and heroic, and I struggled with which verses to share. Please note that the translations are not mine. Enjoy!

 There against anger Byrhtnoth stood ready,
surrounded by warriors. He bade them with shields
build the battle-hedge, hold that troop
fast against foes. Then was the fight near,
glory in battle. The time had come
when fey men must fall there.
Clamor was raised there. Ravens circled,
eagles, eager for carrion. There was uproar on earth.

If you’d like to see more, the entire poem can be read here: The Battle of Maldon.

This study of military history has been a source of nonstop writing inspiration. I really can’t wait until I have enough time to make use of it.


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