The #Fantasy Geography Quiz and Book #Giveaway

I’m announcing two separate contests that officially kick off tomorrow, but we’ll cheat and start one today. The first is the Goodreads Giveaway contest of The Prince of Graves. Beginning tomorrow and extending through Friday, you can go to the Goodreads’ Giveaway page and enter to win one of three paperback copies of The Prince of Graves. So please be sure to check that out tomorrow…you know I’ll remind you!

The second contest will be a lot of fun. It’s the first of two Fantasy Geography quizzes. Think you know your fantasy books? Then test your knowledge against these questions. The rules are below, but this posting is the first of two installments of questions. So if you like what you see with this installment, be sure to come back for the second installment. You do not have to play both installments to be entered to win, but doing so doubles your entries!

Oh, and you can get another entry into the drawing by going to Goodreads and putting The Prince of Graves on your “to read” list!

Rules: All you have to do to play is answer the questions below, and “like” or comment on this post. If you don’t hit the “like” or comment I have no way of tying your answers to you. Actually, I encourage you to comment AND like, because this should be a fun dynamic. You can use any and all resources (including Google and Wikipedia). Note: I have slipped in a question or two from my own book. You can find the answer either in the book itself, or by checking out some of the links on this page (no more hints). I would like to know if you happen to know the answers to these, or if you had to do some research. In all honesty, I had to do a little research…

The prizes: two players will win their choice of an eBook or paperback version of The Prince of Graves novella. One winner will win the same, plus a Sojourner Mountain coffee mug (pictured here):

That’s it! Winners will be selected by random drawing toward the end of next week. Please retweet and share this contest. I’d love to get as many players as possible.

And now, without further delay…and good luck!

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6 Responses to The #Fantasy Geography Quiz and Book #Giveaway

  1. Pretty sure I failed that miserably. Oh well! Must read more fantasy!

  2. katkasia says:

    OK – now I know how ignorant I am. Still – it was fun to guess!

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